Career Development

Opportunity for Advancement

on the back of its mission of "Better Life Together", The Company encourages its staff to grow together sharing in the success of the business. To build its ensemble of talents with diverse skills and let employees with different strengths achieve their goals, apart from establishing a performance-based assessment system and incentive mechanism, The Company has set up a dual-path advancement system for staff and, through effective management of personnel development plan, provided employees with a capacious platform for advancement and career development.

Developing Talents

In the first half of 2015, the beer division organized safety education and training for more than 50,000 employees and conducted nearly 2,000 safety inspections at all levels of the business. The division also It held theseventh leadership training campaign for senior management and provided continuous competency training to the middle management. An “i-Learning Online Platform” was deployed to enhance the all-round capabilities of the management.Meanwhile, regional and national salaries and welfare regulations and policies are strictly implemented. employees are provided with paid leave, free physical checkups andtraining to further improve their working environments.