Talent Philosophy

What Makes a Talent to The Company

The Company upholds the talent philosophy of its parent company China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., which is “to respect the value, develop the potentials and nurture the spirit of the individual”. Its goal is to build an organization with a prolific pool of talents, a place where the average will become outstanding and the outstanding excellent, where every individual can realize his or her dreams.

Guiding Principles

Respect the value of an individual

The Company believes every individual is a talent. A The Company man or woman is one who identifies with the company’s philosophy, reveres his or her work and embraces professionalism, as well as exerts his or her best in striving for performance. With these qualities, he or she is a talent to The Company.

The Company strives to grow its corporate and employee value side-by-side. As the company develops, its employees are rewarded and promoted as deserved speaking to their value to the company. With profound work experiences in association with the eminent The Company brand, employees of the company boast added market value.

Develop the potentials of an individual

The Company places strategic importance to staff development, giving its employees opportunities to learn and work and also to challenge themselves. This is the greatest respect and affability that The Companycould give its employees. The company has worked hard at perfecting its system to select, train, assign and retain its talents. Underscored by the quest for strong business performance, it uses scientific and systematic methods to select talents, and then gives them all-round training to unleash and ultimately realize the full potential of each individual employee.

Nurture the spirit of an individual

Assenting to the credo of running a "people-first, population-driven and humanity-oriented business for better life", all of The Company’s activities are geared towards creating a better life for people. That is what work, life and growth means to us at The Company and the higher spiritual purpose we aspire to.

Through efforts in cultural training, value building, provision of incentives and enriching work experiences, The Company presents its employees with a work environment that encourages hard work and is conducive to personal growth. Employees are inspired to develop a career-oriented mind, a sense of responsibility and mission, and guided in exploring the meaning of their work and life and also in exalting their spiritual self beyond the pursuit of personal gain.